CP Capital Advisory Services, LLC provides representation to mid-size companies (valued between $5 million and $250 million) in the M&A marketplace. We are proud to provide the same services, resources, and expertise to our clients that are usually only available to much larger organizations. We work and know the ins and outs of numerous industries and have helped owners of many different types of companies achieve their exit goals.

We have a great team of highly dedicated and informed professionals with a proven system to complete transactions, and always doing so with the highest ethical standards and integrity.


We are a private merchant banking firm representing business owners in the sale, purchase and mergers of businesses. Our mission is to zealously represent our clients to maximize shareholder value for our clients while maintaining the highest level of ethics and professionalism. Our business model centers around certain core principles.


We adhere to the self-imposed strictest standard of business ethics. Our representation, while zealous, will not compromise our individual or corporate integrity for any reason. Every member of our firm is held to the highest ethical standards for honesty and integrity in all business transactions.


We serve our clients as we would want to be served. We adopt the objectives of our clients and dedicate ourselves to the achievement of their goals. We acknowledge that every situation is different. We strive to understand our clients' unique situation and reasons for selling and develop a plan to best serve every individual client. Our first step is to listen and understand our clients' selling requirements and long-term goals. We will ascertain our clients'financial needs, timing, tax consequences, and even the interest in future involvement in the business. Only by identifying and understanding the needs of our clients can we develop a customized plan that is tailored to them, whether that is an acquisition, sale or merger.


As professionals, we try to exceed our clients' expectations by offering value-added services and a strong commitment to excellence. We not only have experience representing businesses through sale, purchase and merger transactions, but we have legal, tax, financial, operational and accounting expertise. Also, we have stood in the shoes of both buyers and sellers so we know and understand all the issues facing our clients. Perhaps most important of all, we demand the best from ourselves and strive to practice our profession uncommonly well, with energy and enthusiasm, so our clients may reap the rewards of our experience and efforts.

OUR PROCESS: Sell-Side Representation

Commercial Plus Capital Advisory begins by taking the time to develop a thorough understanding of your business so that we may in turn best represent you to the field of buyers that will have an interest in acquiring your business.

From our understanding of all of the relevant wants and needs of the Company's shareholders, we develop a customized target list of Private Equity groups and/or potential strategic acquirers as appropriate for your Company's unique situation.

We prepare an Executive Summary on your business providing interested parties with your Company's basic financial performance, main business segment(s) and general transactional goals. This initial round of marketing is done confidentially and anonymously, with your Company's name and specific identifying details kept private.

With personal and individualized follow-up, Commercial Plus will have only qualified, interested buyers execute Confidentiality Agreements allowing them to review a more-detailed, Commercial Plus-prepared Offering Memorandum that builds on the Executive Summary in presenting your Company's past successes, unique strengths and future opportunities in exhaustive detail.

Commercial Plus will arrange and moderate conference calls and in-person meetings between the management of your Company and interested parties to further enhance suitor understanding of the value of your business at all levels. Solicitation of offers from several parties who have been walked through this process ensures that you receive multiple, simultaneous, competitive offers from a range of attractive suitors, allowing you to select and Commercial Plus to negotiate on your behalf, the best possible deal with the best possible partner.

Once a term-sheet is executed, Commercial Plus commits all of its energies to facilitating an expeditious and successful closing. We work with your buyer in the execution of their due-diligence, allowing you to focus on the successful continuation of operations. Commercial Plus further acts as your advocate and a buffer between you and the buyer in any and all subsequent negotiations thereby maximizing value for your shareholders either in a complete exit from the business or in a partnership going forward.

OUR PROCESS: Buy-Side Representation

CP Capital Advisory begins by working with management to define strategic objectives.

Whether we are working with a small high-growth company with an innovative technology looking to gain critical mass through and acquisition or a large company that wants to expand its territory, gain market share, or diversify its business portfolio we get to know what the buyer is seeking and how we can achieve their goals.

The first step is to create the ideal profile for a potential target then go out and find a list of companies fitting that description.

Next we make the initial contact with the narrowed list of potential targets and gather crucial information about the potential target including customer information, financial information, products, and potential synergies. During the evaluation process we will gauge interest and analyze trade-offs between Cash Flow and Price.

The next step would be the first meeting between the client company and the potential target. Management teams have the opportunity to meet and evaluate different management styles and business practices and finally who may be involved in the future combined management team.

The final step is to prepare and structure the offer proposal and negotiate the deal to its final closing. Giving a fair deal to the sellers and optimizing shareholder value for our client.

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